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This is the answer to your acne problem!  The Clear Skin Club was designed to bring relief to those who have tried EVERYTHING, even visits to the dermatologist, with no relief.  I use professional acne treatments and a customized home care regimen to cure and heal acne, and keep it gone forever.  

I am a licensed Esthetician, and a certified Face Reality Professional.  Face Reality is an acne curing training program with a 90% success rate.  Between your effective home care products and bi-weekly skin checkup appointments, you will be on your way to the best skin of your life.   When you agree to the program you agree to use only Face Reality products, and to come in bi-weekly for skin checkups.  This system will work if you put in the commitment.  Clear skin is in your future!

Smooth Shiny Skin

New Client Consultation and Treatment

This is required for all new acne clients, products sold separately.  The consultation will line out our plan of action, and answer any questions you might have.  We will then do either a hydrating enzyme treatment or a peel, followed by extractions, sensitivity test, high frequency, and finish up with 20 minutes of LED light therapy. 

90 Minutes $119.99


Bi Weekly Skin Check Up

I will perform either an acne peel or a hydrating enzyme treatment, extractions, high frequency (to kill bacteria), and 20 minutes of LED Light therapy (time permitting).

60 Minutes $69.99


At Home Products

Expect to spend $160 - $200 to get all of the products for your treatment plan. 


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