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My Must Have Makeup Brushes

Here are my some of my must have, favorite brushes. I'll link everything on as well!

After I use my big bronzer brush in all the places I want to bring warmth to, sometimes I'll go in with this little guy and use a cooler contour color to really define my cheekbones! This brush must be discontinued, but I found some really similar!

I use this little guy mostly to smoke out shadow on my lower lash line! I also use it to pack a dark shadow on my upper lid, on the outer V! I could live without this brush, but it just makes it so easy to get a perfectly smoked out liner on the lower lash!

I use this to fill in my brows with a powder! This one isn't my favorite, I'll link my all time fav, but I have a million different ones and they all do a nice job!

This. Brush. This is hands down my favorite eye brush ever. If you don't have it, you need it. I can do almost a whole eye look with this one brush! It picks up the perfect amount of product, the bristles are fluffy enough to blend but tight enough you can pack shadow on your outer corner. I hate when I have to use a different blending brush! I've used this for years and don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

These brushes are good for any kind of setting powder! I love using it with my RCMA loose setting powder! They are perfect for packing powder or fluffing a light amount of powder over a large area!

Not much to say about these, they're just perfect for blush or contour!

I love this brush because it tapers at the end applies the perfect amount of highlight! It's whispy on the top which makes it perfect for a light application of highlight! I've also used it to set powder under my eyes, and deepen up a contour.

This brush is amazing! It's so fluffy! It's perfect for warming up my face with some bronzer, but I can actually contour with it as well, if I only use the side of it. It's also great for setting powder all of the face. But I love it most for bronzer! The natural fibers allow you to grab a light amount of product so you don't end up with a line of bronzer on your face. It's one of my all time favorites!

I have so many foundation brushes I love! For the price you really can't beat this ELF brush. I love the morphe brush more... but the elf brush is such a great price and applies foundation perfectly. I prefer this to a sponge or beauty blender.... I know I'm in the minority, but I feel like I get a fuller coverage finish with a brush!

10. Concealer

I don't know how, but I didn't snap a picture of these! I'll link some here though! I love a small, tightly packed brush to blend out my under eye concealer before setting it!

Thanks for reading my brush roundup! I had fun writing this and I hope it's helpful! What are your favorite brushes!? I'm always looking for something new and fun! Please add your email to subscribe so you know when I post a new blog post! Thanks for reading! -Jess

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