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Shein Curve Plus Size Bell Sleeve Smocked Dress

Hi :) it’s me again in smocked Bardot dress! I definitely have a favorite dress style, and this is it. How cute is this for summer? You could totally dress this up with fancier jewelry and shoes and make it more formal. I think it would be fun for a more casual wedding!

The fit on this dress is a little odd. The smocking It’s almost too short if you have a bigger bust. It doesn’t bother me but if it did bother you, you could totally belt it right under the bust, which I’ve done before and it looks super cute.

The glasses are from Amazon! I love having a few affordable sunglasses so I don't feel guilty when I inevitably ruin them! I can't stop wearing these hoop earrings and I love how simple these sandals are. I've been wearing them non stop!

Shein is the land of cute, affordable clothing. Let me be your tour guide. Do not look at the sizes. Ignore the sizing. It's made up! You absolutely have to know your measurements! Every item has the measurements listed for every size. I am a true 3x/24. This dress was a size 4x/20. But, I know my measurements so I knew I was good! I've always had really good luck ordering from shein! Outfit links are at the bottom!

Outfit details: Dress, Earrings, Shoes, Sunglasses

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