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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Our Esthetics teacher gave us a fun little assignment, come up with a couple of products we LOVE to share with the class. I had intentions of keeping it simple but that didn't happen! So, here are a few of my favorite things!

My all time favorite foundation! The finish is a demi matte, and the coverage is medium/full. It's easily buildable to full coverage! It is waterproof. Once you put it on, it will not move!

I love these both for different reasons! The YSL has such a thin, longwear formula. It absolutely will not clump up on your lips! It is slightly drying, but it's super long wearing. When it fades, it fades off subtly, so you don't get harsh line! Maybelline Superstay is my go to for a red lip. I love red lips, but I don't want anything to move around! This is the perfect solution, and it's extremely affordable! The YSL... not so much!

These have been my go to for a long time! The Covergirl gives me a lot of volume and keeps my lashes up all day. The primer I tried years ago and hated it. But I didn't let it dry before I put on my mascara! I was totally using it wrong. Put on a nice layer, let it dry, then top with your favorite mascara and your lashes will be up and at attention all day!

I can't get over this stuff! It is a spot treatment for active acne breakouts. I use it all the time! My sister has cystic acne and she didn't get good results from it, but if you have a spot that's not super deep, give this stuff a shot! I do my normal nightly skincare then apply this on each spot! Go to sleep, then the spot is usually gone in the morning. Magic in a bottle!

I love this little at home peel! You will not see visible peeling from using this, so don't worry! It is a great exfoliator to use once or twice a week. I love my results from this little peel and it's so affordable. $7.20, cheap!

I am such an advocate for an eyeshadow primer. I think it makes shadow last longer, prevents creasing, this specific formula covers up any uneven colors on your lid, and will help if you liner transfers! I can't say enough. It's worth every penny in my opinion!

I wanted to throw this in here because I use it all the time! I went on a trip to Texas a few months ago and I sprayed this in my car when I parked. It sat for days and when I got back I could still smell it! I want to get more scents!

This is one of my favorite self tanners! It's SUPER dark. If you're not into dark, don't get this! But it applies beautifully and gives the best dark color without looking orange. And if you're not using a velvet mitt to apply your sunless tanning mousse you're really missing out! This combo is SO good!

I hope you enjoyed! What are some of your favorite products!? Comment below, I'm always looking for new stuff!

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